Lunch Specials

Served from 11 am - 5 pm


GIANT 14inch New York Cheese Slice and Drink


HOUSE SALAD with Drink


Individual House Salad and Drink

ANTIPASTO with Drink

ANTIPASTO with Drink


Individual Antipasto and Drink


6 Wings, 2pc Garlic Bread and Drink


GIANT 14inch New York Cheese Slice, Side Salad and Drink

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Individual Chicken Salad and Drink


6 Wings with Chips or Fries and Drink

GIANT 14" NY Slice [Our Personal Pizza]
1 review

GIANT 14" NY Slice [Our Personal Pizza]

14inch New York Slice

NY Chees $5.29Toppings (each) $0.80

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Carry-Out Specials


Carry-Out Special

Large (16 inch) 31% Bigger Cheese Pizza with 10 Wings.

Toppings (each) $1.50

GIANT 28in Pizza Special - It Feeds an Army! (12-14)


Giant 28" Pizza Combo: 1 Topping pizza with 1 of your choice: 12 wings, Family size salad, Large Antipasto, Large Chicken Salad, Large spaghetti with meat sauce

Upgrade to 24 wings For $57.99

Family Feast

X-Large 18" (31% Bigger) Pizza with 2 Toppings of your choice, Large Salad, Large order of Spaghetti with Marinara sauce, 4-Piece Garlic Bread and 2-Liter Soda.

Add meat to your Spaghetti for +$4Toppings (each) +$2

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